50 and dating

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“If you let yourself return to the same dating mindset you had before your first marriage, you're going to miss out on a lot of amazing people. Height, religion, and even age might not serve you well as preliminary qualifiers.” If you’re not sure what qualities to look for, ask your friends what they love most about their partners to get some ideas.

The important thing to remember is that whatever you’re looking for, it’s YOUR choice.

Snap a shot outside (natural lighting is always the most flattering). “Seniors can be too trusting and are the most targeted for online dating scams known as ‘catfishing,’” says Lavelle.

Try an active photo that shows you doing something you love, whether it’s hiking, gardening or sitting in your remodeled convertible with the top down. “Studies show that as you get older, your ability to decipher deceit declines.

“Even the most reputable dating sites can result in less than stellar matches.

Remember, there is no computer algorithm that can weed out hidden agendas or ulterior motivations.“ Create a rational timeline.

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