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What guiding principles have the courts have provided?

An employer asks an employee to work on a Sunday as required by the employee's contract of employment, but is informed that the employee is a committed Christian whose beliefs require him to attend church and to observe the day as a day of rest. May the employer take disciplinary action against this employee for insubordination (refusal to obey a lawful instruction)?

This happens to be the busiest time in the employer's shop and letting the employee go would result in a loss of revenue.The starting point in all of the cases is that employees, like any other citizen, have the right to freedom of religion.This is guaranteed by the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.In a society with diverse religious beliefs employers are challenged not only to be tolerant, but also to accommodate that diversity in the workplace.Given employers’ need for efficiency in producing goods or providing services, the question is to what extent the religious beliefs and practices of employees have to be accommodated.

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