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Learn about adult kyphosis including what parts of the spine are affected how doctors classify the various types of kyphosis what causes the condition how kyphosis can be treated Anatomy In order to understand your symptoms and treatment choices, it is helpful to start with a basic understanding of the anatomy of the mid back.This includes becoming familiar with the various parts that make up the thoracic spine and how they work together.Osteoporosis is the most common cause of kyphosis in adults.Osteoporosis is a condition that leads to major losses of bone mass, leaving the bones brittle and prone to fractures.

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Iatrogenic factors are from the effects of medical treatment or surgery.

A kyphotic curve is normally present in the thoracic spine.

A kyphotic curve looks like the letter "C" with the opening of the C pointing towards the front.

If the curve is more than 40 to 45 degrees, it is considered a spinal deformity. The abnormal curve can be congenital, which means it is a condition present from birth.

A congenital spine problem affects the development of the spine.

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