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She’s not on any kind of birth control and his bare cock was thrusting deep into my wife. The thought actually went through my mind, Oh God, don’t let my pubic hair explode into flames like Michael Jackson’s hair! The truth is, he’d had me hot since I first laid eyes on him several hours earlier. To be honest, I had a hard time even catching a breath. You’ll like it.” Like any good slut, I did as he requested and put my knees together like a good girl.I look round the front and could see he was now balls deep into my wife and she was gasping with appreciation. His erect member just glided into her cunt like knife through butter and he fucked her hard until she was moaning with pleasure. I was getting hard listening to the way this man disgraced Aliona. So you can imagine how uncomfortable it was to walk around with a “hard-on” for about six hours! That’s when you know you’re really being fucked well, when you almost forget to breath. And then, as he pounded my pussy with his hard meat, my comments became much more gutteral and much less comprehensible, but somehow I think he got the idea. It must have worked to make my pussy tighter for him because he really started ramming his cock deep as he could into my wet hole.

Guys were inundating us with messages even though we didn’t have much of a profile pic up as she wanted to keep it all discreet.We waited for couples to get in touch but we had also agreed single guys and females could message.I was hoping to find some randy wife that loved cock and cum that I could fuck. My wife was married when I met her so she wasn’t averse to cheating but she’d been adamant that she was going to be faithful to me but our new friend had seriously eroded that earlier determination.I also got the camera and placed it to hand as I had convinced her that we needed more pics if we were going to get anywhere on the site. I immediately made myself at home on the bed and waited for my sexy executive to come and have his way with me. I was kind of shy about expressing myself back then.She comes downstairs and I could tell she was nervous while we waited for the door. I went to my hotel and was awake all night thinking about this man taking my beautiful girl the way he described. I’m getting hungry already,” I said as I walked out of the office. Didn’t want to do anything that might seem unprofessional or cast me in a bad light, especially with the men that I worked with.

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