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The other day I had a trio of men all under 25 tell me they had found their latest girlfriends at a recent event.

These young daters seem to be looking beyond newfangled methods like Tinder in the same way that they are wearing vintage hats and buying vinyl records.

They stand for the next 15 minutes nervously twiddling straws and re-tucking shirts. Since the advent of Tinder, Grindr, Tingle, and numerous other dating apps, the attention span of the dating world has shrunk.

At a conference in Los Angeles earlier this year, Tinder CEO Sean Rad told press that the app now matches 10 million people every day.

Speed-dating is also shallow, but it’s more like going into the actual store.

It allows you to look at all sides of the product before committing to it.

Speed-dating has become ironic; it’s actually one of the slowest forms of dating around.", app daters should leave their baggage off-screen.“No photos of weddings or babies in your profile—especially if either is yours,” it suggests.Maybe they’re not comfortable with a smartphone, or maybe they have qualities they feel can only be appreciated face to face.During the break, Man Number Two comes over to my table and asks if he needs to write comments about the women he’s meeting.“The scorecard is just for your own reference,” I tell him.

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