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Around 50% of Vida's clients work or live in London, with the rest scattered between New York City, Europe, and Hong Kong.With a number of international clients, Mac Lynn has found that where her clients work can have an effect on what they're looking for in a partner.Working with a personal matchmaker, can also be advantageous, as they tend to know their client bases very well and are on hand to guide members throughout their dating experience.Dating can on occasions be a bit of a jungle, so having someone who knows the market very well is very positive.More and more professional people seem to be feeling uneasy about the use of online dating and after the recent high profile court cases, that is probably understandable as crime associated with online dating is burgeoning.

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"Name the bank, and we've set them up with someone," Mac Lynn, 37, told Business Insider.Before a date is arranged, Vida's clients look through five or six portfolios of potential dates before selecting their chosen match.If there's a spark, clients can opt to freeze their membership until either the relationship ends, or they decide to withdraw their membership and settle down.So give serendipity a little nudge in the right direction by joining London dating doyens Lovestruck™ today.London is unique in terms of dating and holds a large percentage of the whole of the UK dating marketplace, particularly in the professional sector where using a matchmaker is more prevalent, so finding a recommended dating agency in London can be harder than around the rest of the country.

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