Dating arriana

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The “Love Me Harder” singer, 21, and the “Control” rapper, 27, first confirmed they were a couple back in October 2014.In the months since, they’ve appeared together onstage at various concerts and on the red carpet at the 2015 Grammys.We love making music together -- we do that always. Last weekend, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber unfollowed each other on Twitter and the Arianator and Belieber fandoms had a collective meltdown. "I think it was like a glitch or something, because I didn't."But the host wasn't going to let Ariana off the hook that easily. "We made that song and started becoming close again.It's very dope and I like how that worked out." "We hung out for a long time and everything just happened organically. "She's very caring but, also, we have a lot of fun. Adventures can be driving around in the car aimlessly.I'm the first person to admit this relationship came out of nowhere, but godd*mmit, I am so f*cking happy it's a thing. Just both of us older, more mature and more sure of ourselves.

patiently waiting for the day they finally started dating. Their chemistry is literally so off the charts, it makes If they ever had babies, those babies would come out of the womb belting a high C powerful enough to make Mariah Carey remember who J. It doesn't take a genius to see that Grande and Miller adore each other. When all of the performers came out at the end and stood behind Grande while she sang "One Last Time," Miller's eyes were locked on her the entire time. Their relationship is rooted in a deep, mutual respect for each other and their work, and that's literally the healthiest relationship I can think of. “I’ve never looked at love as something that I need to complete me.I would like to be complete on my own first and fall in love with somebody who is also complete,” Grande told Cosmo.*sob*, and a radio host at Kiss FM UK decided to get down to the bottom of it all during an interview Ari."You unfollowed Justin Bieber over the weekend," the host said bluntly. Plus, artists change management all the time in the music industry, so it's doubtful Justin would take Ari's professional decision personally.

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