Dating joke quizes

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You have access to a teeny, tiny part of their lives and have constructed an elaborate theory based on jack and shit. My own experiences with romance, for lack of a better word, came to the forefront too.

I remember how one of those captain of the cheerleader squad and I were casual acquaintances, and the more time we spent together, she once thought it was funny as hell to sic her scuzzy asshole friends on me and make my life a living hell.

I remember the daughter of the high school superintendent ditched a nerdy but good Asian guy for some big time military guy.

Don’t really have much of an opinion on him, don’t know anything about him.

Of course your relationship is juicy enough for Hollywood to make a movie out of, but which movie would you and your sweets star in?

Find out what kind of movie couple you are with this quick and fun quiz!

I recalled how a similar field hockey star and straight A student dated a loser type for years, someone who couldn’t even spell cynical.

I mean, I would see them, and others do too, regardless of how they explain them.

Even complete skeptics notice the flitting lights and shadows in our home, and often ask what they are. At other times, I’ll admit, “We think they’re faeries.” Regardless of the explanation, the visitor will usually comment that he/she is still seeing these odd little things, later.

This same goth kid was the type who would tell the black kids they needed to be lynched to their faces, and would “joke” about anti-Semitism around actual Jewish kids around him.

Shockingly, girls do occasionally date shitty edgelords.

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