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Microsoft will expedite units that are in danger of exceeding the magic one weekend TAT and will pay extra for freight if necessary to achieve the magic goal.

A one weekend TAT can of course be measured as varying from seven to twelve days so measuring TAT for Microsoft in days might not yield the insight they need.

Depending on the specifics of the industry sector the measurement unit could be in seconds, hours, days, weeks or months.

According to Jose Garcia of Microsoft, who has responsibility for XBOX repair in North America, the appropriate measurement unit for XBOX service is 'weekends'.

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Here the objective is to shorted the overall supply chain pipeline.

A point about the measurement units of TAT: TAT is obviously measured in time units.

Here are some possible interpretations.1) TAT from the perspective of a consumer returning goods at a store.

The consumer may get almost instantaneous problem resolution by the issuing of a credit note or exchange item, if the return is made to a store.

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