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The Only True way to know when your gun was shipped from the factory is to apply for a Factory letter.

Estimating a date of mixture of ancestral South Asian populations Linguistic and genetic studies have demonstrated that almost all groups in South Asia today descend from a mixture of two highly divergent populations: Ancestral North Indians (ANI) related to Central Asians, Middle Easterners and Europeans, and Ancestral South Indians (ASI) not related to any populations outside the Indian subcontinent.The copper is soft enough it won't hurt the finish.You may have a bare metal spot when done but you can either touch it up or keep it well oiled. Ruger serial numbers are available here: Although, are you sure about that serial number on the Ruger? Jim hey anyone want to date my S&W I just picked up?There is Now Three volumes and they are reasonable.You gun dates roughly 1966 I hope this Helps, Hammer It You guys need to invest a few bucks and buy the excellent reference book entitled "The Standard Catalog Of S&W's", By Supica & Nahas.

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