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If you are willing to give up your every hope, dream, and ambition for someone who is unable or unwilling to be a partner in your marriage and does not appreciate you or your sacrifice, then a life with an Aspie spouse is for you.

If I had known what I was getting into, I would never have gone on the first date.

I cannot get him to move out—he just keeps coming up with excuses why he can’t. I had a life once.” ♦ lost my hair, I lost my home, my friends, family, health, career… If I could remove all emotional desire from myself, then I would be able to do this. That has to be one of the weirder prayers that has gone before the throne of God. The pastor said that sometimes our enemies are in our own families. As an example, when I was pregnant with our first daughter, I was put on bed rest for the last few weeks of my pregnancy due to an inability to walk from pelvic instability. He’s selfish, rude, he throws tantrums like a four year old to get his way, he’s deceitful, and manipulative to make sure he gets his way, he takes forever to get his task done and he ignores me and never talks to me.

He doesn’t care that I’m unhappy, isolated, unloved. Watching my kids cope with a man who never considers anyone but himself. That seems a strong word to apply to a spouse, but sometimes a lack of empathy, no matter what the cause, can honestly make you feel as if you are with an enemy rather than a friend! So, I am MISERABLY STUCK IN THIS FOR ALMOST 5 YEARS NOW. I had no friends where we lived as I hadn’t lived there very long. He’s only nice when he’s trying to get what he wants (sex), and when he doesn’t get his way, he gets loud and he says horrible things about me, with no understanding of really what he just said, he’s never sorry because he’s never to blame, and I feel like I’m raising a third child that will never grow up, and …

I was stunned how he spoke with such control and so friendly on the phone as if nothing had happened. If someone told me they had Asperger’s now, I would run in the opposite direction.” ♦ e barely notices I am gone, is healthy and still calls me his wife, even though I am no longer. I, however, have lost all my friends and social support, have chronic illness and a nervous disorder and may well lose my house because of the financial ineptness of the person who was supposed to be my partner in a relationship.

He calls to ask me to do his laundry and never once said he missed me. The deprivation of basic human needs was NEVER on the table for the AS person, as the NT does the bulk of the basics in the home and oft times at work as well, and almost certainly with the children.

Do we just name and shame them on a website so other women can avoid? I had to ‘train’ my spouse to reply to me when I tell him I love him. Yet I am the one that has to handle everything and there is never someone there to help me.

And what about the issue of being a man enough to confess you are an aspie, on the first or second date? This is a psych condition that badly hurts women like me, after all. For a long time I pushed aside my friends when it came to social outings since my husband always seemed so awkward at these events.

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He just sat there, glazed over, and ate his food while playing computer games. This means, in my situation, that he will believe I am always wrong anytime we disagree. I can accept that it is pointless to try and share my perspective or ever reach mutual understanding.” ♦ here is zero desire to hear the other person’s perspective (of course). I am by far the main care giver and feel I have raised the kids on my own.” ♦ ow I realize that there must be many many exhausted, isolated, deeply sad women out there trying to cope with a very difficult situation alone, because so few understand.

There is no compassion or empathy for the struggles the other person is going through. My husband is a beautiful, gentle, intelligent individual but this does not prevent my suffering.

There is an air of superiority, and there are many demands to have his own way. Denying one’s self and sacrificing all basic emotional needs every single day, giving up the most important personal desires bit by bit as the years go by is so damaging.

When illness strikes and say, for example, my spouse comes home to find me coughing, congested and moving slowly due to aches and pains, I expect an empathic response. I try to remember that it just doesn’t come naturally for an aspie to have the typical empathic response. I don’t ‘get him’ why don’t I just do it ‘his way’ why don’t I just make everything easier for him by doing what he wants and acting like a void all the time? Honestly I wish he would just disappear and never return. If I didn’t have a child, I would have left him a long time ago. ignoring my sadness, ignoring my anger and my feelings, because why? I was, therefore, unable to go to the kitchen and prepare food. He was never able to remember that I was home and unable to meet my needs. I been dealing with this for a very long time and I am worn out, sad, lonely, a little bitter, and I feel I’m losing my self through all of this and I just don’t have any strength left to fight, and he denies that anything is wrong and won’t seek help.

My toddler hears me cough and says ‘You okay, Mommy? ’ But my aspie spouse may not even think to ask ‘How are you feeling? But when I am sick or weak and am not offered any help or emotional support I tend to be filled with grief, anger and self-pity at how lonely and uncared for I feel.” ♦ have been here for 27 years. Learn to speak ‘aspie’ aka: No insight, no foresight, no thought, no consideration, no love, no respect. I would have to sort of slither up the hall on my side to make it to the bathroom. One evening, he came home with food and ate in front of me. It has played out over and over again in different contexts over the years.” ♦ y husband has Asperger’s, as did his father and uncle. The groups I’ve tried to join basically say the same thing: Be positive,accept him, it’s not his fault. I’m sorry that he has this, but it doesn’t give anyone the right to severely abuse their partner because of it. ” ♦ am married to a man who has diagnosed Aspergers and is extremely difficult to live with…

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