Error updating spyware doctor My nudity on the cam direct

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I'm afraid to remove it because I paid for it and don't know if I can just re-download what I payed for.The error MSE gave me told me to check my internet connection and try again. It did give me an error code which I didn't think to write down or print screen it.I started from scratch on my anti-virus/anti-malware programs and downloaded both MSE and Malwarebytes (2 recommended steps in the Malware Removal Forum), now I'm having a different problem. I think they're conflicting somehow (getting Ms Mp in task manager). Just wanted to give an update to those who answered.

Let me start out by saying that I had Spybot Search & Destroy, was satisfied with it until I got the infamous fake windows security threat that kept popping up saying I had viruses, etc... So, because Spybot couldn't detect the fake anti-malware, I googled the name of it and found that Spyware Doctor was recommended for removing this harmful thing.

Then it froze on the desktop, even the mouse wouldnt move.

I shut the computer off and turned it back on..........everything was hunkydory. So I'm guess this was a case of false positives?

I feel that the free ones are perfectly good and I have no reason to pay for something that is free. I liked it Thanks for the reply's, I appreciate it.

I also use ATF temp cleaner and Auslogics disk defrag. This topic can be closed, my questions from this topic have been solved, however new ones have arrised.

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