Feedburner feed not updating blogger

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But I see that the aggregator module is not updating feeds from new Blogger beta (I digged in to the aggregator module until I found the problem which I think it is.Feedburner is a Google’s RSS feed management service which is necessary to operate a Blog or website smoothly.It goes without say that Feedburner plays significant rules for running our website smoothly.

In case you want to disable feedburner caching, you can go to W3 Total Cache performance tab (can be found in the admin grey bar on the top or admin left sidebar), Page Cache → Cache feeds: site, categories, tags, comments.

In that post, it says, he could fix it by pinging the URL in troubleshoot tab inside your feedburner page, but whenever I pinged my URL, I got this message, “Your Ping resulted in an Error..”.

Then I clicked “Resync” button, hoped for my RSS feed problem to be solved, it did not help either..

My wordpress feed not updating and my fedburner email feed was still not updated to my recent post.

Finally after trying a few solutions, I have found the problem.

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