Final fantasy dating sim rpg walkthrough

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Please note that this guide will assume that you have at least a minimal understanding of Japanese (katakana & hiragana), due to the extensive length & gameplay of this epic saga.

For details on operating the window control menus, how to save, info on best equipting the materia, and of the sort, please refer to the "Reference Section", which is located towards the end of this guide.

If you’ve checked out the demo or looked at any videos, you probably already know that FF15 is an action RPG more reminiscent of games like Kingdom Hearts.

In fact, it may be even more action-oriented than Kingdom Hearts since it has so many quick time events that demand timely button inputs, and it punishes you pretty hard for making mistakes when challenging monsters higher than your level. They banter like real friends, make jokes at each other, take photos and selfies along the trip, bromance it up, and so on.

] - If you choose to buy the flowers, there will be a little "bonus" scene that will occur later on at the bar in the slum town of Agito w/Tifa & Marin.

o After Aerith gives you the flowers, proceed on through the Area 8 city.

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I’m about 7 hours in, and as is typical for me with Final Fantasy games, I got completely sucked into the side quests.

In certain decision points, you will be given only 1 chance to answer them correctly, so be aware of your actions.... Some events require that you accomplish a certain sequence, while others are merely well hidden. There will be several optional/side events throughout the course of your journeys - none of which will have any effect to the primary storyline, whether if you take part in the optional side events or not.

Advises & solutions will be provided to help you cover as much of those secrets that the wizards at Squaresoft have managed to hide within these 3CDs... These optional side events are, however, great opportunities to obtain certain special artifacts or even a hidden materia or two...

- Choose the top choice to deny it, or choose the bottom choice to accept it if & when he does have it) o Upon reaching the train station of Area 7, Barrett will tell everyone to head to the slum town of Agito. [2.]---[ Slum Town of Agito: Abaranche Headquarters ] o Head into the bar - the rest of the Abaranche/resistance members will be there, as well as Barrett's daughter (Marin) and Tifa.

After Marin mistakes you for her father, Barrett, Tifa will approach you, welcoming you back.

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