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Previously, fabric—like Madame de Rambouillet’s velvet—had been confined to walls and clothing.

The Gobelins were the first to apply it to chairs, which for many long, uncomfortable centuries had been small and hard. The , for instance, had wraparound wings against which the listener might rest her cheek, as the priest had done behind his screen.

In 1667, the Gobelins tapestry-weaving workshop became Louis XIV’s official furniture supplier.(Chat rooms were still out there, but mostly for terrorists and pedophiles.) Chatting now required constant tabbing between applications: browser for email, IM window, browser for search. So did our friends, and one day those names appeared in a column on the left side of our inbox.Like hermit crabs outgrowing their shells, people kept shucking their old screen names for new ones. This was Gchat, and whenever we signed in, up came the gray, ghostly list of Gchattable names. Previously, we’d which screen names to include on our “Buddy Lists” (poor AOL: it came first and had to name the animals, and it named them in a corporate-Midwestern way that couldn’t help but become comically creepy).AOL was a series of semi-private suites; Gmail is an open loft, wallpapered with distractions. Hard to picture anything less erotic than the inbox, that cluttered room whose door can never be locked.Imagine having sex and someone from the alumni association bursts in to ask for a donation.

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