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Haydn’s 102nd Symphony is one of his greatest, full of witty twists and turns and startling orchestrations.

Farina’s is a rarely heard work for strings, full of eccentricity and humour.

Between these two works is Ravel’s miniature masterpiece, a tribute to the Baroque master Couperin, as well as his friends whom he lost in World War I. 253, 254, 255 & 256 Stravinsky: WED MAY 10 | WAT | 8 PM FRI MAY 12 | GUE | 8 PM SAT MAY 13 | CAM | 8 PM Aisslinn Nosky Curator / Leader / Violin James Mason Oboe Vivaldi: Violin Concerto No.

WED APRIL 5 | WAT | 8 PM FRI APRIL 7 | GUE | 8 PM SAT APRIL 8 | CAM | 8 PM Bénédicte Lauzière, Curator / Leader / Violin Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser, Conductor J. 6 in A minor Vivaldi: Violin Concerto in G minor, “Summer” from J. Bach’s instrumental writing style was significantly influenced by Vivaldi’s concertos.

GUE collaborations with the Italian Ministry of Culture provided insight into an ancient wreck site off the coast of Pantelleria.

The GUE team of divers, located, documented and created a three dimensional survey of this wreck site before retrieving ancient amphorae for museum display.

"We ask you to kindly turn off your ringers during the wedding ceremony and refrain from taking photos.

GUE’s Woodville Karst Plain Project regularly conducts some of the most extensive dives ever completed.

The WKPP team has been exploring caves at record distances for approximately two decades, holding most of the major cave diving records, including the the longest penetration into a flooded cave system (26,000 feet, requiring a bottom time of 12 hours at a depth of 300’ – nearly 30 hours total).

These projects involve a diverse range of interests from exploratory assessment to discovery of never before seen shipwrecks.

GUE is also well known for cutting edge exploration of the farthest reaches of deep underwater cave systems.

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