Korean girls dating culture

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When I’ve explained it to other people, they have told me it was a cultural misunderstanding.

Korean couples play this “cute” game when they are fighting where the girl whimpers and complains and the guy finally gives back whatever he took and they kiss and make up.

They text you 24/7, constantly wanting to know what you are doing, how you are feeling,.

My Korean girlfriend told me that this was a way for them to initially express interest, and when they felt more comfortable with you they backed off.

When I declined his charming invitation, he got even more forward and started telling me how I was the prettiest white girl he had ever seen, and why wasn’t I acting as ‘sexy as I looked?

’ I had enough by that point and the subway was going to be closing soon, so I excused myself and said I would see him later.

Korean guys always walk on the busy side of traffic, open doors, and can be so considerate and sweet…

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He proceeded to send me a bunch of slurry text messages later in the night after he had obviously had a few too many saying that it was all ‘one-sided love’ and how I had humiliated him.That’s when he grabbed my purse and put it behind him, stating that I wasn’t going anywhere.Now, this situation was, quite frankly, starting to make me panic.My worst experience while dating a Korean guy came about eight months into my stay in Seoul.I met this guy at a bar and he seemed infinitely sweet and good-looking.

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