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No matter the hour, no matter the pressure you're under or the stress you're experiencing, never ever use the trunk of her patrol car to hide the cocaine. But seriously, there's a difference - in most fields of employment, you don't have a group who will go to the hilt to cover up any colleague's wrongdoing (in fact, in most fields, it's the opposite, 'cause they want your job/clients). I have had my fair share of encounters with police in my life, and at no point have I ever met a female cop who was remotely attractive. Police do not have "a constitutional authority to take a life." At least no more constitutional authority than a regular citizen. If they can't live up to it, they should resign or be fired.De trainingen zijn praktijkgericht, dat wil zeggen dat er veel geoefend wordt, en de trainingen worden toegespitst op jouw bedrijfssituatie d.m.v. Safety & Medical Training neemt bovendien de planning, certificering en registratie voor je uit handen.Ook is het mogelijk de training in dagdelen te verzorgen. Duur: 1 dag Datum: 20 november - 21 november Locatie: Spijkenisse Op 20 november en 21 november wordt op onze locatie in Spijkenisse een BHV Basis gegeven. Duur: 6 weken; 1 dag per week Datum: 14 november - 19 december Locatie: Spijkenisse Op 14 november tot 19 december wordt op onze locatie Veiligheidsadviseur ADR en/of RID gegeven. De BHV training bij Safety & Medical Training kan ik iedereen van harte aanbevelen.Some day there will be a fark headline about her, I always assumed it would involve a knife but I guess the state of Wisconsin has decided to give her a gun so I guess the body count in my prediction can now be increased by a few.Several years ago I was coming home from a party at a friend's house.She recognized me, laughed, and said, "Well, I guess I can't give you a citation.Just tell your roommate to get the headlight fixed." I said I would, took back my ID and such and went on home.

Kleine hapjes, zelfgemaakte soep, alles was tot in de puntjes geregeld.Vice President Pence was among the many who applauded their heroics.“The courageous actions of officer Crystal Griner, and that of Officer David Bailey, saved lives and prevented an even great tragedy,” Pence tweeted.The courageous actions of Officer Crystal Griner, and that of Officer David Bailey, saved lives and prevented an even greater tragedy.Al meer dan 20 jaar actief met het verzorgen van veiligheidstrainingen voor organisaties als Schiphol, Rabobank en MKB ‘s.Alle trainingen zijn landelijk erkend en worden verzorgd door ervaren en gecertificeerde trainers.

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