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Think about that, girl.”Becky Barksdale, lead guitarist for Michael during the Dangerous World Tour Barksdale recalled a concert, in a town she can’t remember, where she got an unexpected surprise from the Man in the Mirror. Jane: He’s a flirt and he’s the kind of person who notices if your drink needs refilling or if you’re cold he’ll come and bring you a jacket…Conan: Did you get the jacket afterwards? Conan: He’s wealthy, he should let you keep the jacket. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life.

It was during Jackson’s mega-hit Beat It, as she ripped through the Eddie Van Halen riffs made famous on MTV. I was chosen to attend The Fifth Element premier at the Cannes Film Festival as Jean Paul Gautiers’ date, the next day Mr.

Michael told me I wouldn’t know what to do with her if she were in my bed, and I retorted that if he was given a chance with her, he’d probably ask her to play video games or watch cartoons.

He said, “Shut up, Frank,” in a funny way, and we both started laughing.“When we met at Uri Geller’s wedding that was the first time Michael began to tease me about looking like Diana Ross.

And the drummer, I think he skipped a beat because he was laughing so hard,” said Barksdale, who beat out hundreds of other guitarists in a closed audition to win the right to stand on stage with Jackson during the tour. Once he settled in and the lights went dim, I began to tap him on his shoulder, he would turn around and smile, then speaking in his low boy like voice he said to me,”Hi pretty, are you having a good time?I have no idea what I was thinking) – while Michael and Mariah talked.They were debating who sang it better: the song was I’ll Be There and both the 1970 Jackson 5 version and the version Mariah did twenty two years later with Trey Lorenz had been No 1 hit singles.“Michael,” insisted Mariah, smiling from ear to ear, “No one could ever sing that song better than you.” A blush swept over Michael’s cheeks.“No, no,” he blurted out.He said that Madonna walked in and Michael was telling him something like, “You know Madonna can be naughty, a bad girl. Jane: Yeah, he’s very very different than anything I’ve ever heard around before and much more normal than anything that’s ever been portrayed.Sometimes she needs to be spanked.” He hadn’t realized Madonna was standing right behind him.“Director Joe Pytka tells US she [Madonna] visited him [Michael Jackson] on the set of an ad once: “They hung out for a while. ”With Lisa Marie, November 1992According to Brett Livingstone, when Michael was about to leave, he offered Lisa a penetrating look and in a conspiratorial voice said, “You and me, we could get into a lot of trouble. Stacey Mc Kenzie, Ghosts Premiere May 1997Stacey interview was so blessed to have the opportunity to meet the KING himself.

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