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they not only discriminate, but allow the repeated sexual harassment of members and do NOTHING I made three to four profiles and the last 2 days I make their profile after an hour or so I'm back on and it says my password is incorrect that's BS cuz after the third time I write him down then there's no place to call and then I get this little message from whoever the silly s*** is when you first sign up he's real helpful those help love it as a 10 year old at a taco stand BS I tell you what, I think I've found the golden combo!

Try using POF together with another high membership site e.g and you'll see an instant improvement on the number of sheila's you can chat up. Might just be an Australian thing but wanted to share anyway as I went a few months with not a lot going on. :-p I am a man, so I do not agree with reviews saying the men's profiles are false, maybe if you try looking for an actual person you will find them, generally if the post boasts a pic of what you think is a gorgeous hunk of a man that probably is too good to be true, you are probably right. NINE TIMES OUT OF TEN ITS BECAUSE YOU CANT RESIST FLIRTING= AND SO YOU ARE STILL MONITORING AND RECEIVING REPLIES FROM CLUB MEMBERS ON YOU PC OR I/PHONE- AND YES! ITS JUST AN ON-GOING GAME AND YOU LIKELY TURN INTO COUGARS AND PLAYERS!! AND (NO WANTS) YOU UNLESS ITS JUST FOR A QUICK HIGH RISK LAY!

Ive met someone recently and we've had a few nights out so maybe ill not need these companies much longer but I would recommend them to any one who is single.

there is no way people meet each other on there for love, in first messages I got nothing but sexual harassment, I had one member threaten sexual assault, sent pof screen shots and I got my account shut down?

I wouldn't be interested in women if they spoke like that on their profiles if they were supermodels so I definitely not interested in these below average looking women with their outrageous demands The women in my age range 30-40 all want a prince, they all seem to have had very short relationships and now they decide they want to settle down but its only with a prince, A tad delusional me thinks, basically they have been promiscuous in their best days and now they're past their best they are demanding a prince.

Yeah good luck with that Most of the women work menial jobs, alot are care assistants and cant spell.

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The hard part of it is that these people contact you and want to follow up and then you have to under go the embarrassing process of letting them know it has been a mistake which upset and offend some.I read alot "must be over 6foot tall" and i look and the women herself is 5foot nothing.Yet again ridiculously picky and unrealistic TWO big things missing are kindness and warmth, I see neither on any profiles, just a rant.These individuals (dates) are the bottom of the barrel. Fake profiles, men who are not emotionally ready to date, and no customer service. An adventurous spirit motivates me to meet the challenges of being what and who I am today which drives me to seek out new experiences through travel, sight seeing and generally having fun. Traveling, swimming, candlelight dinners, movies, walking on the beach, watching sunsets, Camping, reading and meeting New People, Dancing and listening to all kinds of Music... I'm a good friend, listener, loyal, hard worker, brutally honest. BUYING MEALS -TRAVEL AND GAS BILLS ETC, AND THINGS SEEM TO BE GOING OKAY! It will walk you thru it , if I remember correctly . Now, and I mean NOW call up your credit card company and tell them what happened. Make sure to use the word "unacceptable" when describing the consumer service to the CC company about POF. I havent been on to even check emails so is the last online time stamp with date for real or does the mobile app tie to whenever using your cellphone in general The problem with time stamps is....a) when using the desktop site: it shows you always logged in unless you log out.Please go to one of the other paying sites and pay for them. I love sports, the outdoors and dinning at great restuarants. Expressing my true feelings and I don't judge the action of people. My age group 28-40 have to be the pickiest deluded nasty aggressive lot on there. b) On the app: it always shows you are logged in whenever it sends you push notifications.

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