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I heard that this year's best game is laser tag, in that small building over there." She pointed to the building in question."I'm in no mood to play laser tag now, Alya," Nino said, much to her dismay, "I think we should play those carnival games that you earn a large teddy bear from." Everyone looked at him with questioning looks. I don't.""Whatever you say, Nino." Adrien laughed a little. Unfortunately, it made her feel incredibly guilty."Yeah, let's go." Alya said, walking towards the games.

The first one they came across was the water squirting game, where the objective was to squirt water at the target as a small toy would rise up and hit the bell.

" Marinette chuckled."No, it's only 65 degrees out. When they finished and continued walking, Adrien couldn't help but notice that Marinette had a little bit of ice cream on her chin.

Oh god, he was resisting the urge to lick it off her himself.

Adrien looked at Marinette, then at the toy, then back at Marinette and smiled."Want me to win that for you? Adrien loved how cute she was, and it only made him want to kiss her so much. Marinette sighed in disappointment, but she smiled.

Leaving the booth, the four teens walked to the next booth.

When Tikki started to become slightly dizzy, Marinette carefully took the kwami into her hands and examined her carefully."Tikki, what's going on?

You're usually so supportive of my decisions.""Well, you haven't been making good decisions lately, Mari. After what happened last night, Marinette wasn't sure she could face the boy ever again.

Adrien stayed back with Marinette, but Marinette looked at something she wanted so badly. On top of the cat's head was an unusually large (but not too large) ladybug, with its wings open as if it was ready to take off.

The cat seemed to look up at the ladybug, with a look of curiosity and astonishment.

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