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A) 0 B) 25 C) 50 D) 75 E) 100 Solution: (A) LDA is unsupervised learning model, LDA is latent Dirichlet allocation, not Linear discriminant analysis.

13) Which are the most common and the rarest term of the corpus?

A) t4, t6 B) t3, t5 C) t5, t1 D) t5, t6 Solution: (A) T5 is most common terms across 5 out of 7 documents, T6 is rare term only appears in d3 and d4 14) What is the term frequency of a term which is used a maximum number of times in that document?

7) Which of the following features can be used for accuracy improvement of a classification model?

A) Frequency count of terms B) Vector Notation of sentence C) Part of Speech Tag D) Dependency Grammar E) All of these Solution: (E) All of the techniques can be used for the purpose of engineering features in a model.

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