Novak djokovic who is he dating

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Who can forget him eating grass after he won Wimbledon (he wanted to see how it tasted, he said)?Or how he cheered as his coach humped the hood of a Lexus draped in the Serbian flag while celebrating his victory at the Madrid Open?At others, such as when he hit out at the crowd at Flushing Meadow for believing that he had faked his injuries, he is rewarded with boos.

Speaking about Djokovic's period of poor form, Mc Enroe said Djokovic 'had some off-court issues with the family,' adding: 'That's going to throw you.She has furiously said there is no affair, and claimed that the entire brouhaha is made-up.Meanwhile, the gossip magazines claim that he is also involved with a blonde lawyer from the Ukraine, named only as Victoria, whose Instagram feed shows that she follows him wherever in the world he plays.But surely comparisons with notorious womaniser Woods are far-fetched?While Djokovic is far from any mea culpa, he has confirmed that his poor form at Wimbledon last year was the result of off-court dramas.

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