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Oxford Blue, the recently opened food led pub in Old Windsor, takes its name from the regiment of its original founder, Tom Evans.

The dark tone of azure, the official colour of Oxford University distinguishes its wood panelled walls, window frames and the terrace balustrades and furniture.

Clearly, during the 18 months before opening, there has been a huge investment in renovating a building that was originally two gamekeeper’s cottages.

The transformation includes a new state of the art kitchen, a priority for Chef Proprietor Steven Ellis.

Fine Dining Guide visited on a busy weekday evening, with high expectations which were happily exceeded.

An amuse bouche of venison bon bons, immediately set the tone of rusticity and refinement.

I recently moved to this paragraph, so I don’t know any punctuation here.Timing is precise and presentation being artful but not overworked.Menu descriptions on the seasonally changing menu are terse, listing the main components of each dish but not the cooking method, which provides an element of surprise for the diner.I’m one with which to have a good, great, and grand time, and I’m in touch with my wants, needs, and emotions, and I’m not afraid to get declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory for a pretty, prim, and proper part of speech.I need a babe, baby, or bae that likes to tour, travel, and trip to exotic locales, locations, and luxurious destinations and even fancies the quainter quests, like hanging out On the Banks of Plum Creek, cuddling on the side of a Cold Mountain, and forgiving me for getting her Lost in Tokyo.

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