Real christian dating stories

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so thus--I couldn't give what I never knew or understood. So, I went to a church service and I gave my life to Christ in 2003.. I went to the Christian bible store & I looked at almost EVERY bible until I found one that I could read. Even as a full blown sinner without Christ, I knew that Jesus had a plan for my life and that He talked to me. I knew that God was changing me into His image & I had such a fire in my belly for Christ.

He walked by me for 3 years at church and the most we said was "hello." Within 20 minutes of talking to each other--we knew that we had met our one-day spouses.

My nose seemed huge so I would dust brown eye shadow on the sides of my nose to make it appear smaller.

It actually confused my ex boyfriends that I was so determined to go spend time with Jesus.

Well, yeah--but at this point, I had this relentless determination to live for Christ. It was almost like an email blast when out when I got single so guys from ALL over started asking me out.

I was still getting tested with randoms wanting to date me or go out with me.

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