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To ensure that your partner is executing the tasks given to them, ask them to click pictures and send them to you.

Although, delete the pictures as soon as you’re over with your game.

Your first naughty question could be “Are you a sex freak? ” Eventually the game will become fun and help you have a better understanding of each other.

The naughtiest game that couples enjoy the most and find themselves a little closer to each other after this game ends.

Text an incomplete sentence to your date and ask him/her to complete it.

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It often happens in a new relationship when both the partners run out of things to discuss on phone.

Just started off a new relationship and want to build some sexual tension?

You will be apprehensive about how to make your partner open about his/her sexual desires.

Try playing any of these naughty texting games to make your relationship kinkier and better.

These games will help you do away with apprehensions and anxiety related to sex and romance in a new relationship.

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