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Akeneo lets you organize your data, take a deep breath, and get on with your other jobs making it an ideal PIM software solution.

Akeneo features: In River allows you to push product information to virtually any channel you own, including e-commerce sites, catalogs, mobile devices, signage, in-store point-of-sale systems and more.

Oracle is one of the most widely used PIM platforms around.

Oracle Pricing: Retailer fit: Oracle’s PIM software is designed more for B2C work – for sharing and disseminating product information throughout the organization and with business partners and suppliers.

Agility Multichannel features: IBM Info Sphere is a robust solution designed to give retailers and businesses the real-time data they need to make strategic decisions.

It offers data aggregation and syndication, collaborative workflows, auditing, reporting, flexible data modeling and hundreds of other helpful features.

Other features: The Hybris master data management and PIM software solution centralizes all product and customer data in one single view.

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Retailer fit: IBM Info Sphere is designed with B2B retailers in mind, offering them an effective means of communicating real-time, up-to-date information to partners and suppliers.

It’s ideal for any business with lots of product data across multiple channels, specifically ones with a lot of online consumer participation.

in River features: Salsify is a cloud-based PIM software platform that gives everyone across your organization access to the same, real-time data from anywhere in the world.

In River even lets you take online-only information, like customer ratings, reviews, comments and behavior, and use them in other areas of the retail business.

in River Pricing: Retailer fit: in River is designed for both B2B and B2C retailers.

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