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There was a known and tested shortcut: label your opponents “anti-Islamic” and nobody asks questions even when you call for their death.

Mariyam Omidi is the new Aniya for the religious right.

By continuing with the practice, the Maldives is violating no less than four UN conventions it has signed: the convention on the rights of children; the convention on civil and political rights; the convention against torture; and the convention against all forms of discrimination against women.

A 2007 survey revealed that one in six Maldivian women aged 15-49 is sexually abused before they turn 15 years of age.

Yesterday, about 150 people, believed to be proxies of the Adhaalath Party, gathered at the Artificial Beach to call for, among other things, a ban on the internet newspaper Minivan News, and the deportation of its writer Mariyam Omidi.

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Some scholars have said that these conditions indicate that Islam does not intend to punish people as a matter of course.And, when they feel the status quo is threatened, they always look for a female to vilify.In 2007 when the religious right condemned MDP’s Aishath Aniya for writing an anti-buruga article in Minivan Daily, they didn’t bother to actually read what she said or argue with her points.The theme was very much part of yesterday’s rally where Omidi was singled out for deportation calls.The recently formed Maldives Journalism Association, which likes to present itself as the champion of free press in the Maldives, is yet to condemn this attack on an individual writer, a newspaper and, indeed, press freedom in the Maldives.

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