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Cyprus was included in such surveys along with the rest of the empire.

Although the empire conducted these surveys as early as the late 1300s, Cyprus was not part of the Ottoman empire until 1571.

The purpose of these early Ottoman population counts was not to produce an accurate record of the total number of people in the realm.

Rather, these traditional Ottoman census-like surveys were carried out for tax purposes, and their results were recorded in land deed registers (tapu defteri).

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Some sources indicate that they generally do not contain names and are likely not of significant genealogical value.

Other sources indicate that the fifteenth and sixteenth century tahrirs involved the registration of adult males—chiefly household heads as taxpayers but also bachelors and others.

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A microfilm copy of the registers pertaining to Cyprus was filmed in Turkey.

The waqf system was not uniquely limited to Muslims. The practice of the waqf goes back to at least the 1200s, but the earliest documents date from the 1400. Contents: Names of heirs, including even wives and daughters, over several generations.

Some waqfs kept track of the deaths of beneficiaries also.

[Turkish - Tahrir Mufassal Defter; later records are called in English “Onomastic Lists”] Research use: These records provide information identifying male individuals for a specific point in time and are useful for linking generations.

Record type: A land taxation record, census-like in research usage.

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