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Kimberly is of interest to the science team because it sits at an the intersection of different rock layers and also features ground with striations like those at "Junda".So, after the rover reaches Kimberly, researchers plan to temporarily halt driving for awhile to investigate the location and direct the robot to drill into another rock to collect samples for analysis by the two state- of-the -art chemistry labs.Scientists directed Curiosity to drive by the rock rows nicknamed "Junda" after their interest was piqued by orbital images taken by the powerful telescopic camera on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) circling overhead.The six wheeled rover paused during the planned Feb.Previously Swift Kit used Internet Explorer to load Rune Scape in, now however, users have the option to use Chrome instead.This means that you will be able to take full advantage of the all new Rune Scape 3 HTML5 technology, all within Swift Kit.Posted by Stidor in Swift Kit News | 18/04/13 | 25 Comments | Full Story...

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Flattened rear hazcam image, colorized from Sol 555 (Feb 27, 2014).

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Marco Di Lorenzo/Ken She then pushed forward to finish the day's drive and snapped another fabulous look back view – see our mosaic below. 20 (Sol 549), she also completed her second 100 meter drive in reverse.

And just for good measure, Curiosity also snapped a series of breathtaking look back photos showing her tracks in the dune filled terrain from whence she came since straddling through the Dingo Gap gateway.

The panoramic mountain view taken on Sol 548 shows rows of striated rocks all oriented in a similar direction in the foreground with Mount Sharp in the background.

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